Amazon begins testing its Rivian electric delivery vans in San Francisco


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Amazon begins testing its Rivian electric delivery vans in San Francisco

Amazon begins testing its Rivian electric delivery vans in San Francisco

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Handmade Präsentiere Deine Produkte bei fashn Neu registrieren Schon registriert. Update: Both Telegram iOS apps are now back on the App Store. At the time of writing a search for Telegram on […]. Personenbezogene Daten, die ggf. Post Author: Green Tech. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As a small note from the team, we know that this week's Wednesday episode didn't have the best audio quality. And to do a Twitter Spaces experiment the same week as a live show might have felt like a lot of change. Don't worry, it just worked out that way. Equity will keep tinkering and having fun, but we're back to normal next week.

This week we did something fun and different and good: a live show. A good number of people came, and asked questions, and altogether, it was a blast. Danny, Natasha, and Alex had a lovely time with the regular work, while Grace and Chris and Kevin made the whole operation function. In a break from our regular format, we recorded live from a Twitter Space -- it's like a Clubhouse, but closer to where your social network is -- so the audio quality is not going to be Utterly Perfect. But we think the conversation will more than make up for it. Before we get into the show notes, do not forget that we're recording Equity live on Hopin Thursday the 24th.

Come hang with us and have some fun. It's free, of course, and should be a good time. Details here, sign up here. And more. A big thanks to Romain Dillet and Lucas Matney for hanging with us, Drew Olanoff for hosting, and Chris Gates for snagging the audio and making it all work. Our live show is this week. And we're very excited about it. Details here, and you can register here. It's free, of course, so swing by and hang with us. Back on theme, we had a lot to get through this morning, so inside the show you can find the following and more:. This week, Natasha and Danny, otherwise known as your two new favorite Book influencers inside joke, you'll get if you listen to the show , hopped on the mics to take everyone threw the news, with Grace and Chris in the background. Folgen Ähnliche Abonnenten 1 RSS Website Spotify iTunes.

Neueste Früheste Am häufigsten gespielt Am beliebtesten Suchen. Hören Erneut hören Fortsetzen Abspielen Später hören Später hören. But since this show is about getting you caught up, we decided to focus on the largest, broadest new information that we could: Asian stocks were down, European shares are lower, and American equities are set to open underwater. Bitcoin had a great weekend, however. China's edtech crackdown continued over the weekend, with the country's ruling party setting new rules for online tutoring companies; they can no longer go public and will be forced to become non-profit entities.

Chinese edtech stocks around the world fell. China's larger tech crackdown continued over the weekend and into the week, with new moves against the present-day business models of both food delivery companies, and Tencent Music. The former must ensure minimum incomes, while the latter must give up exclusive rights deals. Shares fell. The Jam City SPAC is kaput. It will not be the last similar deal to fall apart. And we chatted about this bit of Rivian news, as it stood out to us. All that and we had a good time. Hugs and love from the Equity crew, chat Wednesday. Until then, let's live in the present. Trustless Krypto-Zahlungs-Gateway - zahlungsintegrations. Here's what we got into in today's show: The blisteringly-hot EU startup market: You can raise money anywhere, but you might want to do it in Europe where VCs are putting a acre-feet of capital to work this year.

The huge round for crypto trading house FTX, and OpenSea raising again: Regardless of whether or not you are paying attention to the crypt market today, investors are still firing capital at startups in the space at an eye-catching pace. Duolingo's first IPO price range: It's a good-news week for consumer-focused, edtech startups, since the public markets will finally get a taste of an non-enterprise sector startup. Plus, Duolingo's upcoming finance event could lead to them finally bolstering areas like speech, cultural norms, and fluency. From the world of funding rounds, we had notes on Sololearn, Numerade, NewCampus, Mural, Spreadsheet. The conversation ran into some fresh corners, such as how a company raised less than its preceding round but 4x'd its valuation and if we should bite-size all learning.

For fun, you can read the original WeWork S-1 filing here. The WeWork-SPAC deck is here. It was a big damn morning, so we had to cut some stuff. Here's what we got into: Stocks and cryptos are off this morning, as inflation and COVID concerns rise. Zoom is buying Five9. The deal is not super expensive, nor is it cheap. But given the huge percentage of Zoom's market cap that it represents, it's a serious wager from the video conferencing startup. TechCrunch broke this news. The deal shows that private equity interest in startups that aren't unicorns. Robinhood dropped a new SEC filing this morning. That means we have a price range and valuation target to play with. More from TechCrunch on the matter shortly. From India: A huge round for Lenskart, and a big Series A for GlobalBees.

And we covered this round from Nigeria. A smaller transaction, but one that could prove to be quite neat, we reckon. Chat Wednesday. Here's what we got to in our short window of time: The Jianzhi Education IPO: We have questions. The Chinese edtech company is looking to list in the United States after Chinese regulators clamped down on Didi and other China-based, American public offerings. It's hard to say, but we'll be watching. Zomato's IPO and the Indian tech scene: As Zomato puts the final touches on its impending public offering, we chatted about the listing and what it may mean for the larger, red-hot Indian startup market. The AI conversation: ZoomInfo bought Chorus. And Discord bought Sentropy, which also uses AI, albeit for a very different purpose.

The great AI startup marketing push of years' past has finally led to a few neat exits. Apple vs. Startups: That's the gist of our chat about the BNPL space and Apple's possible invasion of the hot startup market. In short, who's at risk. We have a few ideas.